1. What is the speed of light? How did they measure it? It’s just as much of a scam as thinks like space, pandemics and gravity. Besides, gravity is not gravity, it is electromagnetism, as simple as that.

  2. Our problem is that the exterminators planned this for many years and were well prepared to overwhelm us with data and unknown ‘science’. Even with Fauci’s warning long before the outbreak, we were still unprepared for what was to come. Schwab and the gang set up leaders in key positions globally, who were trained to deal with the agenda. The Epstein island blackmail factory, made sure that key figures were TRAPPED into compliance and the handling of kids and baby factories, ensured ample testing subjects to make sure the ‘vaccines’ were working beforehand. The secret technology and capabilities were beyond our expectations and the health system was cleverly confiscated to be the heart of the modern warfare and bio-weapon. Even our clever doctors and legal system got caught in the web.Our own doctors, supposed to protect us, got blackmailed and coerced to comply and every aspect of our lives are now controlled by the medical martial laws and most people are still believing that our compromised governments are actually helping us……helping us into our graves yes, for the good of all….that is THEIR GOOD FOR THEM ALL….Spreading knowledge about the truth seems to be our only weapon since most are disregarding the Bible messages and are unable to see the Cain and Abel and satanic bloodline connection. They seem to be unaware of the MOTIVE for this crime and now, that presenting the satanists and communists, the means and opportunity to replace God’s code in us, with satan’s code with technology and wealth that we helped them to gain at our expense and loss of freedom. If only the puppet fools can see (those in the police, soldiers, nurses, doctors, university administrators, pastors, etc)., that they will be next to be eradicated after doing the dirty work for the satanists, and if they are willing to lose most now as to stand up against the exterminators, then we may be able to survive this war. If they don’t, we can blame the defeat on them. We as the people in the know, can only show them the facts, but if they refuse to read or listen or see reason, then our battle is so much more a deadly battle.

  3. I said all this from the beginning; never believed them for one moment and I can still not understand how the governments all over the world can be so stupid and so moronic in their reactions. I, as an engineer, know that there are many things, that the public are ignorant off, that the “scientists and experts” can use in similar ways and methods to scam them. I saw the “Alien scare” and the “Russian scare” coming years ago.

  4. What is amazing is how easily people can be convinced and brainwashed into believing the devious narrative put out by these evil creatures. It seems that

    they have lost the use their God given logic process and have become sheep being led to the slaughter….well if they are this stupid rhen unfortunately they

    must expect to be slaughtered


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