1. the Kiwi government will give the SA government a good challenge with incompetent management. They are masters with hoodwinking the people. They, like the SA government belief everybody is just as stupid as the rulers.

  2. WOW – Nothing strange here – we have the same eyebrows raised about the SA black lady, a good athlete runner who was also in the hot seat about her gender.
    Ain’t we all just human.
    Surely there are those who are different and what they do in their private lives is not my concern.
    GOD is the one who will judge people.
    Just be thankful and thank God that you don’t have to hide under the blankets and try and make a living here on this earth with all the stone-throwers and “holy” people.
    God let His sun shine on all people.
    Yes, God loves the sinner but hates the sin and will judge them by their deads if they do not repent.
    On the other hand, I just don’t know how people can be proud to be gay.

  3. Humanity still, has very far to go to understand the ways of God, and the Devil.

  4. So it’s ok to give the worlds strongest man a bloody sex change and put him in the womens league. My sympathies for todays youth who have no memory of a somewhat saner world.

  5. It is my experience that the South African Judiciary, like all other Judiciaries throughout the world, is highly prejudicial towards men and highly biased towards women. The Judiciary is inequitable, unequal and treats men like ATM machines, who have endless wealth and resources, no feelings and no emotions. I have had large amounts of money wasted in legal costs, stolen and extorted from me by women, who have used their feminist characteristics to elicit undue sympathy for themselves and apportion undue blame onto me via the SA Judiciary system. These women have lied under oath, lied in Particulars of Claim documents, removed court files from the High Court Registrars Office in order to block a cost order from being costed and also to prevent a Contempt Application from being placed on the Roll. These ladies have removed important documents from High Court files, including settlement agreements, affidavits and other crucial documents and have refused to attend hearings. These ladies have swapped and changed lawyers, refused to settle matters when the opportunity arose, misrepresented their business and personal financial circumstances, have lied about their health situation, have abused MANY of the Uniform Rules of The High Court and continue to stand in contempt of multiple court orders. These ladies have caused hundreds of thousands of rand in spurious litigation and have NOT had any of their cases thrown out or suffered cost orders. The Judiciary does not hold women accountable for their actions and is highly biased towards them. It is my experience that women have far higher value under the Law, have far more rights under the Law and have tremendously less accountability under the Law. I know very well that had I tried half the tricks that these ladies got away with in the High Court, I would most probably be sitting in jail right now and most definitely would have had my cases thrown out with costs and landed in Contempt of Court . More and more South African men – and other men throughout the world – are realising that business and marriage relationships between men and women ultimately result in the man losing tremendously. There are so many men, like myself, who have lost tremendous amounts of money and wasted many years of their lives and blood sweat and tears in business and marriage relationships with women due to the prejudicial manner in which the Judiciary favours women over men. Lets look at Laurel Hubbard. He has abused his God given MALE strength to prejudice women on the sport field and has achieved an inequitable superior sports result due to his unfair advantage of enjoying MALE strength. This is no different to the manner in which women abuse their God given feminine qualities to prejudice men in the Judiciary and consistently achieve inequitable superior legal results in the Judiciary. As far as I am concerned, what Laurel Hubbard has done constitutes Tit for Tat and levels out the playing fields between men and women. If women want men to play fair on the sports field then women must play fair in the Court Room.

  6. Scott,
    I think these 3 ladies were just unimpressed with the journalist’s question.
    I don’t see any evidence in this video that they were aggrieved that they had to compete against a transgender person.
    It may have been different had they lost to Laurel.
    They won, they correctly avoided the journalists sensationalistic question.

  7. I think someone that was a man for more than 30 years should not be allowed to compete as a woman. Point taken. But why the words “Shame on Kiwis”? Its the Olympic officials that allowed this to happen that should be ashamed. Just because he/she is Kiwi does not mean all Kiwis are proud of this bloke. Come on…. when Julius Malema does something stupid we don’t go around saying all South Africans are like that. So don’t do this just because this bloke happens to be Kiwi.

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