1. To all those that said NO and knew that there is a Supreme Goodness that gives, and sustains, life: We need you always!

  2. The question is why are they starting to cover their asses….I think they realise that things are unravelling

  3. i agree with those who say something is happening,, why do this all of a sudden, big question, after all the restrictions that was in place -lock-down, quarantine ,

  4. We HAVE TO remain on high alert. These people made HUGE investments into the development of these bio-weapons. They expect a return.
    Even though, for now, it might appear that they are backing down – PLEASE do not believe it!

    They are coming back with a much worse onslaught. Martial law under the National Health Act is an imminent danger.
    Replacements for the “emotionally unstable organic humankind” have been developed. These people do not need an “organic human” workforce.

    Something about this “scrapping of certain measures” is off….


  5. As I said above, Elon Musk and his NEURALINK is going full steam ahead.
    Elon Musk’s brain chips will be ready for human implantation next year
    Created by his company Neuralink, the technology aims to help restore functionality to those with paralysis
    9December 2021
    TextMae Williams
    Elon Musk has said that the microchips developed by his brain-interface technology company Neuralink will be ready for implantation in humans next year.

    The chips – which will be implanted into people’s brains – are designed to record and stimulate brain activity, with the aim of helping those with serious spinal-cord injuries and neurological disorders.

    Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit this week, Musk said he doesn’t want to “raise hopes unreasonably” but is “increasingly confident” that the technology is nearly ready for humans (pending FDA approval).

    And also see below:
    Don’t mess with the ‘world’s most advanced’ humanoid robot! New footage shows Ameca grabbing a researcher’s hand as it enters their ‘personal space’
    The ‘world’s most advanced’ humanoid robot has been unveiled in a UK lab
    The bot, named Ameca, has eerily realistic facial expressions and movements
    In the latest clip shared on YouTube, the robot takes umbrage at a nose poke
    A researcher moves their finger closer and closer to Ameca, until the robot grabs the hand and moves it out of its face

  6. The National Health Act allows for promulgation of new laws as Govt sees fit.
    They shall no longer need the Disaster management act.

    National Health Insurance Bill [B 11-2019] – South African …https://www.gov.za › sites › files › gcis_documentPDF
    accordance with section 27 of the Constitution; to establish a National Health … ”this Act” includes any regulation promulgated, directive or rule made …

    Sweden “SPONSORS” Section 27. Sweden provides SA with PHARMACEUTICALS…

    Read up also on the National Health Insurance.

    Under the “good for all” banner, they are once again pushing through parliament laws and bodies which shall further enslave us.

  7. They are already busy with something else. What’s the space in 2022 they will come back with force.

  8. Jakes wrote:

    They are already busy with something else. What’s the space in 2022 they will come back with force.

    JIp ek dink ook so Jakes

  9. @ ALTA:
    Hello Alta, hulle sal nie net ophou nie, daar is al klaar kapsules ook uit en nou trust ek niks meer nie.

  10. @ ALTA:
    Hoe was jou Kersfees, die weer het darem net saam gespeel op Kersdag en later toe reen dit weer. Hier is dit nou koud en dit reen ook alweer.

  11. @ Jakes:
    dit het hard gereen en dis pure winter hier sjoe ek verlang na die son, en my chocs😀


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