1. THE AZANIA CURSE IS COMING TRUE ITS REAL.South Africa jobless crisis: Youth unemployment at 66.5% – Stats SA. and thats 9 months ago. what ever the terrorists touches dies. i said back 30 years ago. belgian congo rerun 1960s . ccp will be moving in army camps soon .

  2. @ penny sparrow:
    You are NOT a racist,you are simply noticing that Haiti has come to SA as it did in Rhodesia under black rule, why should we have to be politically correct and therefore not speak the truth.

  3. The poor politicians surviving on such meagre salaries, poor souls , they really do need to be paid more ,after all they are so capable, and valuable to SA.

  4. While the country is literally crippled by this government. Nearly every municipality is in shambles. Still load shedding and water shortages rampant. Roads littered with potholes. Failing infrastructure, with zero maintenance. Poor service delivery at government offices. High unemployment and crippling cost of living for especially the poor. Failing SOE’s. And the list goes on and on. But hey this president feels an increase is justified, some how. What a joke! Seems to me it’s a huge bribe to try save his reputation for the “farm-gate” scandal. Grease up his comrades to try save his own bacon. But of course, a bribe not from all his ill gotten gains, oh no, why should he do that when he can just rob the tax payers like his party has done for 28 years now. Strange how just before announcing this they announce the repealing of the covid restrictions, almost as it were straight out of the blue. Was that perhaps to soften the blow for these ridiculous salary increases? Well Ramaphosa you just keep making that ice underneath your fat ANC party’s butts thinner and thinner. It’s only a matter of time before that ice gives in under all your weight. Then who will come and save you then?

  5. All of them should be on minimum wages, go to public hospitals and use public transport, and kids to public school. Not one is doing the job that thy are payed for!!!!

  6. @ August Appel:

    You are way too generous with these incompetent hyenas!

    They don’t even deserve what you suggest. If I had a say in this matter – no I will not spell it out – because I am sure that you know exactly what is on my mind.

  7. @ August Appel:
    Yes let them get paid on a performance basis, so minimum wage would be about right, absolutely correct and well said.


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