1. Keep up the good work. I also try to warn as many people as I can. Fact is many don’t know we are at war with satin. Billygoat and his evil 😈 clowns 🤡 have designed these ‘not vaccines’, but lethal concoction to depopulate as their previous attempts with the bird, Congo, ibola failed for the immune system developed antibodies. They therefore had to target 🎯 the immune system. What we seeing planned genocide on the population. All the drugs are doing what it was designed to do. while Billygoat and his clowns enjoy immunity from any legal ⚖ claims. These people sold their soul to the devil 👿 and believe that they are God and can do as they will. We must push back and pray for God to deliver us from evil.

  2. This reeks of obfuscation.
    Everyone who has promoted vaccines in absolutely any way at all is guilty of misleading people to their death.

  3. I couldn’t complete listening to the curiosity calls from those absolute braindead idiots seeking answers.
    I cannot listen to putrid lies. It’s like attending one of satan’s AGMs.


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