1. Any wealth in SA came and comes from white people, black people have poured in from all over africa to grab some of this wealth. What wealth has the ANC govt created, there seems to be a pervading culture of taking and grabbing in the black community, but not setting up any wealth generating enterprises. Its like seeing a forest being stripped without any replanting.

  2. @ Shane Pengelly:

    Not “seems to be” – There is definitely, just like it was pre 1994, but the world wasn’t interested in “darkest Africa”.

  3. We need to steer away from who created what. Different groups had opportunity at different times. As a nation we do not live up to the changing world and educate our citizens adequately, and any institutions and leaders are to blame. I suggest we develop a model by which we can collectively strive to achieve a common goal. While we are fighting and blaming, the world moves on, and we fall further behind.

  4. Always said. Somehow looting was formulated in their genes hundred of years ago. With some it’s stronger than others. And it looks like in Dingaan’s tribe it’s very strong.

  5. They say that in the book of animal life, you can take the k out of the b; but you can’t take the b out of the k.


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