1. There’s a lot of desecration of bodies going on in SAs hospitals nowadays. The body parts are sold to witch doctors who prescribe them to their “patients”. In short this so called government wants to legalise cannibalism. It’s not power and might that will save SA but the grace of our heavenly Father.

  2. It is not just undermining doctors but patients as well as guess which race of people won’t be allowed to see doctors???? Probably the same race that couldn’t be given any food parcels during the lockdown…

    People are just going to have to revert to eating better, cutting out the smoking and drinking and just in general leading healthier lives. Because access to modern health care is going to be very restricted in the coming years, even through whites invented most of the modern health care breakthroughs they won’t have access to it in South Africa…😪😪😪


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