1. SCOT BALSON GET A LOAD OF THIS ..RSA STUDENTS KICKED OUT OF UNI IN TURKEY ..NO MONEY PAID BY ANC..Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has left SA’s mission to Turkey red-faced after the students his foundation sponsored to study in that country were evicted from their residence and left with nothing to eat.

    Officials from the embassy in Ankara had to fork out money from their own pockets to put the 21 students up in two tiny two-bedroom apartments after they were evicted, leaving some sleeping in a park…WOULD IT MAKE A GOOD VIDEO ON YOUR LOVING LIFE

  2. The pot is boiling very very rapidly and the frogs are dying. They are killing us by deception. The “invisible enemy” does not exist. Cyril Ramaphosa is the dictator enemy and he is killing us. Many are getting pneumonia because of the masks. Many are being killed by the ventilators. These communists are killing millions!

  3. We have more chances of raising the titanic before those cowards will come onto live stream tv.!!

  4. They are cowerds Scott. They have no brain 🧠 to take you on, they are BIG TALK AND NO ACTIONS. Oh my word, I remember this song so well.
    They are killing us not only with the jabs and masks, 😷 but hunger too.

  5. He is not intellectual enough Scott, and he is only a NWO puppet remember, they all are

  6. He is not intellectual enough Scott. Remember the are scared NWO puppets, they all are in S.A., we know that. We have woken up looong ago

  7. He speaks a load off Bull s….These guys a professional torrofaeceoligists. The only way that they can return prosperity to this country is if they all crawl back into the holes they came out of.


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