1. Why the hell is money and comfort so fricken important to these fake fricken doctors???
    Throwing their patients under the bus in favor of a stained paycheck.
    How utterly pathetic!!!
    Not only is it UNETHICAL, but completely EVIL to mandate this Apocolyptic death trap!
    They will never be able to take away my freedom! NEVER!!!
    I cannot be manipulated!!!
    Alreadý not watching the news AT ALL!!! Don’t need to expose myself to that sort of psychological bulldozing!!!
    “My God will liberally supply(fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
    Philippians 4:19

  2. Darwin renounced his theories on his deathbed and admitted to how he lied because he wanted to prove his idea in his biography. He configured his proof of Lucy being the missing link even though the “links” were very far apart. The 1st time I heard this theory, I wondered then how come we still have apes if they have all “evolved” .

  3. I have been a subscriber of Bruce for years. I might disagree with him on some stats, but 99% of the time, he is accurate.

  4. Great work Scott as you are saving many lives and giving hope to many. God bless.

  5. Very interesting – Thanks

    Is there a link to the video embedded here ?

    i.e. details of any other videos and work by ‘Anethesiologist Andy Kaufman MD’

  6. IanDW wrote:

    Very interesting – Thanks

    Is there a link to the video embedded here ?

    i.e. details of any other videos and work by ‘Anethesiologist Andy Kaufman MD’

    Have a look under each video, the INSTRUCTIONS to download videos are clear.

    Then, to go to the other videos in the series, also easy… on the Home Page and on the Videos Archive page, there are search functionalities… just search there!!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  7. Just like the scorned and reviled CCP, which is OBVIOUS; so too all vaccines will become scorned and reviled with unending suspicion.
    There is a divide between the medical professionals who can see the obvious and have stood up for truth and their oath, in real help. More need to do so.
    The foolish and DUMB bent of the Illuminati cabal to the dark is completely laughable in its ridiculous-ness. Their methods and actions are inhuman and the fact that the criminal cannot see the future and the consequences of his actions is evident. The light of truth is shining upon them.
    In determining the truth of the individual person – simply look and ask oneself ” Did they help to help or did they simply work and help to destroy.
    The KILLER vaccines – speak for themselves. As always statistics can be used to paint pictures and movies which fool and delude.
    One needs to do one’s own personal research to uncover the truth. The hardest thing to confront and face is EVIL.
    The entrance point of doing this, tough as it may be, is to do direct personal research, to discover the truth of things. The MAIN STREAM MEDIA is without any integrity and are bought and suborned slaves, which they have agreed to be as evident by their actions. Their information and reports are utterly worthless.
    I threw my TV into the rubbish bin about 32 years ago. It TELLS A VISION which is false, about everything.
    Seek rather the TRUTH.

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