1. Not good at all. Makes me sick to know how much whites will suffer I’m sorry if you feel different but it’s true.

  2. @ Cin Coy:
    you are 100% right,, because everything is going about blacks,, about how they are treated,, but why is it ,

  3. This is extremely interesting and one wonders if QC’s will ever be commercialized, thus generating income for the ‘elite’. Such power, they will want to use for themselves only. If we move towards nwo communism and the selected few controlling the rest, then I see a few single QC bases and users connected to it only by selection and strict control. This power will be used like the power of atom bombs and the owners of this will dictate to the rest. America and China seems to be connected already and that America will be taken over by China in a gentle crooked way and that the developments now will be merged as to create this China super super power. The Rothschild and deep state members are already in charge with the Rothschild possessing the economy of China and America. Russia kicked out the Rothschild and will thus be neutralized or be taken over by a coup as to get them in line. With most humans turned into humanoids, this AI QC will control all the vaccinated.

  4. So much information, so little time to learn it all. It is fascinating how the human brain and eyes are working.
    The one question I have is, can the human brain memorize the whole Bible word for word and recite it?
    My next question is what does the Bible mean when it says that there is nothing new in the world that was not there before?
    For me, everything is plain and simple – humans plant the seeds, even fertilize and water them, but it is GOD who lets it grow to give the fruit of its kind. It is the same with humans, animals, and all sea life.
    God is still in control. Let us give Him all the glory that He deserves.
    Let us do the quantum leap of faith and start trusting God with our lives.
    Seek first the kingdom of God and then all these things will be added on.


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