1. It’s time to go under ground. I would stop saying anything around anything like phone are even the internet. Trust is hard learn what people you can trust. But that’s just me. Even the Bible says to do it.

  2. I was unable to leave a comment on Youtube.
    Well, let’s raise our voices here on Lovinglifetv.com!!!
    It’s just pathetic how they can just violate your freedom of speech in a flash😡 Just like that!?
    This video is just another example of the utter rottenness, corruptive, sick and evil agenda of the police hiding behind their disgraceful apparel, acting as law enforcers, and the ANC government in South Africa.
    Nothing but disgusting!
    When you stand up for what is true and right, you are being singled out as a criminal!
    Take this man talking here, to court, as a trustworthy witness, to prove that Bruce is innocent!

  3. We will never see the real instigators arrested, the Zuma’s the Aces, the Juliuses. These guys being arrested are the small fry caught up in the feeding frenzy

  4. @ Dan Berriman:
    Yes, Dan in a dog eat dog world, they eat each other for breakfast!

  5. The tactic is clear: make the lives of your opponents as miserable as possible with every mean available.
    False allegations,defamation and obstruction of the social life of the enemy,in this case a political group that threatens to expose the hidden agenda of the criminal ring leaders of the NWO/WEF.
    As a subscriber to Patriotic Alliance Britain It is no surprise to me that now the same methods are being used in SA as has in Britain:Closing down bank accounts without legally justified reasons,be it private accounts of the individual members or the accounts of the organisation.The (in)famous knock on the door in the wee hours of the night by the police,confiscating private property like phones,laptops and hard drives,brought in for questioning by the police when ever they feel like it and the construction of false allegations with the help of the judicial system to divide your time and attention.
    It is so G** dam* obvious that it is almost insulting.
    Patriotic Alliance Britain filled for recognition as a political party with all the requirements necessary,yet the application was denied,two times in a row.And the reasons given for the rejection are so trivial that it would make a schizophrenic jealous with envy.
    But the message given off by the cabal is clear:we don`t want you here and we can make your life a living hell…
    That the “officials” in SA use the same methods now,indicates that the “hub of the cabal” has to be found in…London.
    Isn`t it some what strange that the indoctrination,oppression of alternative thoughts and rigid enforcement of the restrictions in the covid case are of top level in…the Anglo-American sphere of influence?

  6. It seems he is being charged for warning communities of impending attacks and for the fact that they blocked roads into their areas and saved their infrastructure and homes due to his early warnings.

    It is almost like the government is angry at him that the community he represents wasn’t damaged.

    Even delaying his bail application places him in extreme danger…

  7. So now everyone who warned their communities or helped defend them successfully can now be charged with inciting violence…how twisted is that…

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