1. When I say this, please understand, that I appreciate these people’s efforts. I agree we cannot allow for this bill to be passed and we need to unite, if we stand any chance of winning against such a corrupt system of governance. I appreciate that they are coming in the name of God and give Him the glory. But one thing that does bother me is: They cry foul about medical apartheid, but BEE apartheid just gets swept under the rug. They want to use apartheid as a defence. But as far as I am concerned apartheid is apartheid. Apartheid on medical grounds and apartheid on grounds of skin colour are both still apartheid. If you want to take the moral high ground, then fight for all morals, not just the ones you see fit. It’s BEE that got us into this mess to begin with. This government would never be as powerful and so corrupt as it is today, if not for their BEE apartheid policies.

  2. Just as an after thought. I think the fact that 70% of the S.A. population has already denied his vaccine, tells you where we stand concerning this evil poison. But these idiot politicians say they allow for public comment. Well with 70% of the population telling you to shove your vaccine, is public comment enough in my opinion. This entire thing has been nefarious from start to finish and people have woken up to this now. Some like me, knew this was from the devil right from the start.

    And this is not about a vote either, sorry I don’t agree with that at all. I don’t believe the voting processes are free and fair anymore and can’t be trusted. It’s about my God given right to refuse any sorcery / pharmakeia I choose to as a child of God. And also my individual human right to refuse any medical treatment on the grounds of informed consent. I don’t care what anyone says, I will never take these evil people’s vaccine. They can pump it into my dead body’s arm. But as long as I draw breath, I will never put that crap into my body, period. Suck on them niggerballs, Ramaphosa!!!!!!

  3. @ Shane Rule:
    Absolutely spot on brother Shane, BEE, EWC proves that the majority of Zulus, Xhosas, etc have no problem with racial discrimination, so long as it works in their favour , well supposedly in their favour as EWC would wreck the economy ala Zimbwabwe and BEE has forced many job producing white businessmen overseas.

  4. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Absolutely brother. I am not a racist. But it annoys me to death when the black Africans complain bitterly when apartheid and racism is dished to them, but have no problem when it is dished to others. We are ALL equal under God. We are ALL one race, the human race. If you want to come in the name of God, then you should represent God’s values not your own, because that only makes you a hypocrite.

  5. I am afraid to say that these evil creatures don’t give a damn about our constitution and our courts of law. They are going to push this through and in so doing

    they are going to light the kegs fuse….people are very angry.

  6. @ Shane Rule:
    In the gospels Yeshua repeatedly uses the term ,hypocrites, to describe many people and its seems to be something that he had no tolerance for,and i agree with Him.

  7. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    I know sister, it’s very sad! I mean a government I detest wants to force a medical procedure on me against my will, which is completely against my human rights. But these idiots can’t even keep the blimen lights on!!!! Even right now we are going without power 8 hours each day. Everything they touch is raped and pillaged and brought to total destruction. Then our tax money get used to bail them out every time. It’s beyond sad actually.

  8. @ Shane Pengelly:
    Absolutely my friend. Me either. God bless my brother.

  9. Asymptomatic is a urban legend and was invented by the scammers when the covid came out and nobody got sick and like in UK they eventually murdered the old people with
    Midazalam to get the death up.In the US they used ventilators and Remdesevier which has a 40% death rate.Asymptomatic does not exist its an excuse to murder patiets.

  10. According to the constitution everybody has a right to the integrity of their body.

  11. @Pearl CR recently passed into law a new definition of biological weapons. This might be how they plan to play with the unvaccinated.


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