1. He will have be careful as anything is possible once you are on ANC’s radar…I wish him the best…

  2. Petrus – you are a hero.
    1. You speak the truth.
    2. The guilty run when no one pursues – therein lies the truth of who is behind the farm attacks.
    3. You are correct ALL South Africans need to wake up. For too long our Main Stream Media has been working hand in hand with government to lie manipulate and cheat for personal profit and power. The population are repeatedly fooled and when corruption is evident the SOUTH AFRICAN DARK CABAL, which is merely a branch of the NEW WORLD ORDER ( lunatics who seek to kill 90 out of every 100 people), simply connive together to spin another false narrative .
    4. Who can trust any statistic reported in the media (MSM)or by the so called government. The evidence of this distrust will show in the current elections – many many people are refusing to vote. Their reason – why vote if all political parties are dishonest.
    5. What is the ANC? It is simply a tool of their masters – the CCP.
    6. What is the action by which the farm murders serve a hidden purpose. Again this comes back to the CCP – it serves the purpose of class warfare. Reducing and eliminating any individual or group that can stand up independently. The motive is to have elites with power and the rest must be slaves.

    Politics is and has been a business – it is the business of concentrating economic interest and power into the hands of the DARK CABAL – the South African bunch are simply a branch of their masters the international corrupt ones.
    They are not interested in people at all – and simply see each person as an animal to be used and discarded.
    The question arises – WHY DO WE NEED GOVERNMENT, especially an enslaved government. Police heckling and threatening a man who is speaking truth and trying to save lives. Those police need to find their own truth , find what their job really is , and become straight and honest and do the job in the interests of the people.
    Real police are like firemen they face terrible things al to help and protect the people.
    Why the people – that is the simplest thing – Mankind was created by SOURCE, GOD, The Creator.
    These fools and their lackeys of evil intent are interfering with Gods will – how silly can they be.
    God is watching.

  3. Remember also – I am just a man – but I know that I am a spiritual being and all that I have is just transient.
    It is not my place to sit in judgement. I can however comment.
    When I look again at South Africa, and the farm murders, it is clear that there is an unrelenting campaign against farm owners and their people.
    I THEREFORE ASK – WHY DO WE NEED SUCH A HUGE GOVERNMENT – especially as the main function they serve is to mislead and steal.
    I think we should fire the entire government and hold new elections only when the corrupt ones are charged and sentenced . A government that is about 15 % the size we have will save us all trillions and wipe out a lot of poverty.


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