1. @ Cynthia Shapiro:
    @Loving Life

    Please give me access to delete them when I see them. They annoy me!

  2. After seeing how the British literally fell over themselves to go get the mRNA Gene Therapy. They are (Bahaaaaaaa) Sheep.
    Yes they will do the same with the chip!

  3. The covid detection chip is a ploy to get this tracking chip into your body.

  4. The FDA’s irresponsible actions have ripple affects all over the globe where the MSM narrative is boosted and the trusting citizens follow the narrative and so the other media outlets like news magazines and family magazines and in particular here in SA where the Huisgenoot 4 November 2021, is targeting the youth advising them that the injections are safe and how the jab takers should respond to those that are against the jabs. All media is probably under the Rothschild puppets’ control and thus they are sending the youth to a possible death and even targeting a certain language and race group. We are dealing with a dangerous war here and the Nuremberg Code Trials should start very soon to bring the criminals to book. By targeting groups it is the same as peer group or social coercion to take the jabs without being fully informed. The magazine article did NOT discuss the reasons that may influence subjects, NOT to take the jab or that adverse affects exist directly related to the jabs and of research done by highly qualified virologists and of studies and images of blood tests after the jabs. They actually gave medical advice pretending it is factual advice.


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