1. This is where our legal experts must come in again and advise the public on this apparent illegal gangster deal the government made with coup terrorists and what happens if the government is removed. The majority in SA that happens to be black, will surely not like this where a Khazarian Gates/Fauci owned foreign group tells their ANC leader Ramaphosa what he should or should not do and where the CDC and FDA reports show the adverse affects of that depopulation juice that is pushed into the population and African population to ensure HUGE PROFITS from tax payers that are actually paying for their own depopulation??

  2. That’s right, Bill Gates is murdering us, but as he waits for us to die he is stripping us of our wealth.
    I ask a simple question to people often. “Who kills more cats and dogs in this country every year?”
    Lots of people don’t know.
    The answer is simple, the S.P.C.A.
    Thats right the S.P.C.A.
    They are not being cruel, but merely being kind to the animals because there are too many of them.
    Like in animals we humans are being culled because there are too many of us and someone has to do something, so says Bill Gates.
    Once you go down that road, that is straight to hell.

  3. I like this girl from Wion, gutsy and not afraid to tell the truth. And the evil we see around us just keeps on growing and spreading, sometimes wonder if the mark of the beast is not contained in these pharmaceutical companies.

  4. This sounds so good because no one is admitting that the vaxes are a scam . The wonderful ethical medical professionals are presently thriving on Kill-joy and the ministers worldwide are selling off all their strategic assets to compensate for the costs to liquidate most of their populations. They are all more sensible than you and I and know very well what they are doing for the “good ” of us all . Aint that sweet !

    In the meantime , we have Pfizer offices , their pharma labs and manufacturers just down the road from us and we have NEVER even contemplated on ending their game by any means . And all we do is whine ! And listen to how more are being killed , newborns with horrible abnormalities , innocent children being genetically altered and the list goes on and on.
    How many times must the same person sexually rape you before you let go and destroy that person ? Likewise , how many times must you be mentally raped before you take action ? And finally , how many times must you be genetically altered before you take revenge , assuming that you still have the capacity to do so ? No people , these devils must die , by any and all means at our disposal . It would be better to do it tactfully . They take lives in their millions and so they should lose the one life each of them were given.
    They have become so immune to the law , having captured the justice system worldwide that even if you are arrested then the courts have no authority to put you on trial because they and the whole justice system / corporation which they are supposed to represent , has been compromised fully and breached completely. They have NO more authorisation to play any role in any case anymore. The system is fully compromised. Thus the law has no representation . Dont forget , even the justice system is part of the corporate body called South Africa incorporated and registered on the US Securities and Exchange Commission.


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