1. Hi,

    Yes, regarding the move to a bigger Hosting package the following:

    – Creating the new BIGGER Hosting package and doing a full Migration to the bigger Hosting package is not a problem per se, but what takes time accross the GLOBE is a process which is called PROPAGATION and what that means is for ALL the ISP’s, Browsers, Search Engines to take note of this move and serve the WEBSITE from the new location and Name Server settings. This typically takes 24 to 72 hours to complete fully and it might be that certain people see the site on it’s new location already after 12 hours, whereas others might only see it on the new location after 24 or 36 or 48 hours and in rare occasions only after up to 72 hours. So, PROPAGATION is inevitable but vital.

    – We have fast outgrown our current Hosting package, and that has gone hand in hand with the overuse of Server CPU usage and depletion of Hosting resources… causing severe 503 errors (Server too busy) and therefor failing to load pages etc. It is ESSENTIAL that we go bigger now, we cannot wait… not a day longer!

    – Yesterday on the Sunday I had a loooong Skype session with Scott, teaching him to put videos up by himself, therefor freeing my hands for the absolutely essential task of doing the actual further development job… which is what I SHOULD BE DOING. Still ironing out the kinks for him to operate autonimously… but it’s like riding a bicycle, once he gets the hang of it, he’ll be able to do it blindfolded.

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  2. Acknowledged and thank you. Sincere appreciation to Rudi Geldenhuys and Scott Balson for their work.



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