1. If I post this on Facebook I’m suspended. Had my first warning already.

  2. So my ltd intelligence tells me whoever gets the jab & afterwards contracts the sickness, will not get over it easily if at all, & in the process most probably keep passing it on 🤔

  3. Have a very bad feeling about these jabs – Had a Hong Kong jab very many years ago, it made me so ill, I would hate to know what these would do to me now. No ways will I have one.

  4. Scott , I believe that they are using the public as a test case as well as a petri dish . The purpose being to achieve a lethal version of the flu virus . In order to achieve that you would need test cases , which is the phase we are in now . Every person who gets a vaccination is a test case . Then , with full knowledge of the eventual outcome , being the mutation and escalation in its severity , the pandemic can then be raised to serious and deadly , which by then it will be . The death rate will then be at an unprecedented level which is the whole objective. When so many are dead , who will they sue ? The untouchables will not be seen and the whole old system would have collapsed . What the future then holds is unknown but the population will be low at about 10 % of the present population.
    No where is it law to get vaccinated but they coax you with all the brainwashing techniques at their disposal and in some countries, like Israel , make your life a misery if you dont adhere to the prescribed protocol. As Stalin said, ” Killing one is very sad , but killing millions is just a statistic. ”

    Just for the record , my Facebook account has been deleted and I wont use any of these kinds of communication systems anymore. Just e-mail . Im closing down my Youtube account , going through all my past e-mails and deleting any other systems I have signed up to and closing down. The less , the better.

  5. @ Forest Man:
    I was deleted 3 weeks ago and I wont bother to re-apply . Im pouring out all my wrath on the internet and going full force flat out and hope they delete all my networks . Then they wont know what is happening when it does happen , because , thinking strategically , it is better to let your enemy vent his opinion in your presence so that you can track him , but when they silence you , then they wont have a vague idea of the tempo and what to expect . They will be caught with their pants down because they are living in a bubble. Their own narcissistic bubble.


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