1. You would think that in Australia they would be less intimidating and more understanding.
    The police in Australia are completely out of line here! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!
    This poor man clearly couldn’t wear a face mask due to specific medical conditions.
    Why don’t they just fricken LISTEN!!!
    Cases like this usually slip through the cracks.
    The police are investigating???
    They owe this family an apology and compensation for acting so disgustingly over the top! You don’t treat people like that!!!
    Mr. Morrison take heed my friend, you and your government are the cause of all this and only you can change things. NOW!!!

  2. These police are showing how locked into the beast system they are, a person lawfully going about his business should not be a problem in a normal society, unfortunately violent facist police states are the new normal. And all because of a non-existent pandemic and totally useless pcr tests. The anti-christ is here.


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