1. cowards!, but look carefully, when the crowds are big and threatening, then everyone of these cops have a yellow streak right down the center of their backs.

  2. Serving the public in a gangster way…the cops will not be respected.🤬

  3. Hope someone takes care of his dog. The police are working for the Chicoms and Satan. The law says the person who does not wear a mask should be issued a fine and can always fight it in court. What if he has a medical condition and can’t wear a mask? The police should go sailing down the path to hell. Get their names and addresses and make it public. We have to take note of these N.W.O. thugs within our police. Some police are good. Let it be known from good people who these idiotic thugs within our police are. Put their names and addresses here and make known. We have to know who these thugs are that are against the people. This is a crime against humanity!

  4. When unconstitutional ‘regulations & measures’ are enforced by outsiders, this is what happens.
    There is plenty of evidence that masks are unhealthy & lock-downs do not work.

    These are not members of the community – they were deployed by national HQ

    Any police person acting in over-reach must be identified and tackled.

  5. I disagree with these protests . They dont work because they are the tail end . Remember that a fish rots from the head down and so the top or head of the problem should be warned , and if it is destroying or resulting in deaths , then executed , as a sign to all others who walk the same path or who intend to , that they are evil and wrong.
    If you strike the head , then the effects will be felt all the way down. But if you bad mouth the tail only then the head laughs at you, and sends a stream of defecation your way , as happens regularly. Who ever rules must be just and listen to the people and common law. We own the country and all that is in it . We fought for it in the past and we will fight again. Though hopefully the targets will be at the top and have the required impact to better the future outcomes. Take note anyone who wishes to lead.

  6. A bully in uniform is a coward. When you stand upto a coward he turns and runs. We should get the biker boys and private security firms involved so that

    when the police try something like this, they are confronted and severely dealt with. If these bullies are severely injured they will turn and run. Damn I have

    no respect for any of these ANC puppets. If my friends and I were only younger we would take these guys to task…many of us are ex military. Where is the

    boerelegion when things like this happen??????

  7. If it was the EFF they would not do anything and they do not know the law.SA law states that you not allowed to wear a mask when you protesting because you must be identifiable.

  8. i met people arrested for no reason in cape town . taken to mk scum cop station and gang raped all night long..one was a uk navy sailor woman. the second was a local gay man. both had committed no crime.


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