1. Meanwhile in Canada 4000 Muslims can attend a service unimpeded proving the authorities anti Christian stance.

  2. Much respect for this pastor. His kind is very rare. I agree with everything he is saying and doing. We should never bow down and obey unlawful laws and lawmakers. To hell with them, my house and I will never comply.

  3. The more the church are being persecuted the more it grows.
    Go and watch the latest video by Perry Stone on the Opening of the 7 seals to see what the church needs to be prepared for.
    But God will be our Vindicator. We are not alone, He is with us and He will help us!

  4. This is what God speaks of in His word as to what the true church has to endure in the last days,….we are in the last minute of the last hour. Shalom

  5. Jesus said in the last days the believers will be persecuted. It’ll only get worse! Today is the day of salvation 🙏

  6. So if Jesus was so OMNIPOTENT then why does he not come sort the mess on this planet out. Based on that IMO Jesus was obviously not a Savour…he was an AVATOR…Advanced Alien that popped by to educate the morons and savages then move on for good, mission accomplished. So good people need to use Jesus teachings to sort out this mess themselves instead of praying for Jesus to do it. But in typical South African behaviour they expect others to always do things for them…that is why the country is in such a state FACT. Hope this offends those Lazy Cloned Suff Efrikens lol

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