1. Why don’t they have TRANSGENDER GAMES only at the Olympics. I bet they won’t get many viewers or sponsors. These Transgender characters have mental issues.

  2. One never hears of sex change women competing in mens swimming even though most male swimmers are puftas anyway.

  3. Woman wanted equality and they got it, now they are complaining that it isn’t going their way.
    Most MRA’s and MGTOW’s are having a field day laughing their a.. off at this whole thing.
    Just ask Terrance Popp or go on bitchute and listen to Rendoculous.

  4. If you were born a boy and you have a schlong then you are a male and there is not a damn thing you can do about it even if you have it removed surgically and take med’s to make you think you’re a girl.
    As far as I am concerned a poof has a chemical imbalance and is messed up in the head!
    Same goes with girls who want to be a boy.


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