1. I know why not many white people get involved in anti racism protests:

    It’s because white people favor conscience over fabrication.

    All schools are majority black. There is no racism. Black people are fighting the education system of the world. I feel sorry for the teachers because if a black child doesn’t understand a rule in the education system, he will blame it on racism.

  2. Racisism is usually an extention of your own heart. No race has superiority over another or the right to contol another. We are equal in God’s eyes. Acceptance, respect and tolerance should be the driving force in any community.

  3. @ Shalom7:
    It’s when white kids finish school that equality favors black people and we end up with a president who borrows money to steal from the IMF and has the country’s economy downgraded THREE times last year (2020).

  4. I remember the initiation at Muir College for Std 6’s in the early 1970’s. Heads down toilets, pushing rubbers with your nose, carrying Matric’s bags for them, eating budgie seed and made to sing the school anthem at the same time, underpants hoisted up school flagpole etc. Michael House sounds like Stalag 13 in comparison . I was always taught to stand up to bullies at school. When I reached Matric , I refused to carry out the traditional initiation rites on those poor sods from Std 6. They were only 13 year olds. Some of my fellow matriculants seemed to really enjoy inflicting punishment on these innocent new boys. They probably thought it was pay back time for the initiation rites they had to endure back in Std 6.

  5. We know the standard of education has been lowered at least twice in the new SA to accommodate the shamefully low intelligence of average black pupils. Unfortunately white kids have to be subject to this.Further, the absolute corruption and extreme crime boosts racism and one cannot blame whites for their racist perspectives. To try and force one to think differently is pure Marxism. You cannot tell a person how to think.

  6. Oooooo, I should not watch a video like this… it makes my blood boil!

    The Liberal /Woke / Pervasive mindset is shocking, to say the least!

  7. Kids are not racist by nature. Any parent knows this. I am fed up with social “scientists” that preach their rubbish!!!

  8. Race matters only to racists. The rest of us only care about Character.

  9. I never allowed the prefects to bully me at King Edwards. Thank goodness for my martial arts training. I always interfered with the prefects when I saw them bullying someone. I would catch that prefect and teach him (the hard way) right from wrong. I was always in trouble for hitting prefects, but I would not give in. Even a teacher once tried to bully me, he learnt a hard lesson after school. I respected them and they finally respected me. The head master and I became good friends when he realized that I would take no unfair shit. I must admit I was a rebel. My hair was long…my pants were tight and not the regulation grey colour with 18″ bottoms. My shoes were Jarmans not standard school shoe. I hate bullies of any kind. They tried it with me in the army, but only once. The army hospital treated many a bully after they tried there luck with me. A bully is a coward once you stand up to them.

  10. This is the beginning of the end of the educational system for all in South Africa. It started the same way in the US where everytime a black student couldn’t complete an assignment or pass a test they would claim racism. Eventually teachers had to promote and pass everyone.

    Even white students cannot escape it because they insist upon entering your classes and schools and not allowing anyone to escape the dumbing down of the educational standards…


  11. “Why not many white people get involved in anti racism protests”
    How can a people protest something that they too are subjected to and which the powers that be say cannot occur because they are “White”…
    They the kids as they go up the ladders see that due to AA and BEE their chances of getting a job is next to null

  12. private schools are Not public schools . They have a different code of conduct of which you are aware of when u sign up..tidy neat hair wether african or chinese is a rule and no one is exempt..they produce our future captains of industry and discipline is paramount as a character builder. You might not agree with it and if so remove your child and place him/her where the standards best suit you …Racism the most effective tool a racist communist has to successfully further His racist agenda.

  13. Racism in schools ? Is this really an issue compared to the racism that made the majority black parliament legislate in EWC, BEE , a Govt that seems to condone the mostly white farm murders, and of course the obscene racism at EFF , BLM rallies, that is totally ok with the ANC apparently. How many whites have been killed by blacks since 94 ,lets talk about this racism rather the non- issue of racism in schools. How can it be, that racism towards whites is deemed acceptable in SA whilst even a sniff of racism towards blacks in schools is supposed to be a a major issue.


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