1. UIM does not need a constition because is not a political party but a front, a mere tool a devision. de beer could not lead a dehydrated horse to the water let alone a People to victory..what was he thinking..eish he forgot the diff between anc IQ as suppose to Afrikaner IQ..idiot

  2. ….as for you johann you seem like a game player yourself…u are head of strategy after all …is that why you supported a man fullwell knowing he is a BBBEEE supporter…HOW can u say you protect the indian the white the coloured when, as minority groups we do not stand a chance thanx to racist BBBEEE ect…we had 11 apartheid laws in old goverment we today have something like a 120! have NOT heard your voice nor your buddy’s..o great defender of the afrikaner we did NOT hear your voice when anc gov refused food parcels to White folk must be bad for business right..flimsy strategy to have him ALL OF A SUDDEN REPENT (barf) specially since u recieved a honory doctorite in Theology, no surprise there. You know full well the importance of G.d in the life of a Afrikaner. You know and YOU strategised God into your roadshow to gain the trust of an unsuspecting audience.. thank lord the horse you backed has not a spiritual bone in his body and is obvious to the practicing christian.
    johann this damage control you are busy with is sad boet saaad..birds of a feather, soort soek soort. if you had ANY integrity you would have been outa there right in the begining not wait until the idiot gave his game away. sies man

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