1. Heritage day in South Africa .well well celebrating ak47s bombs necklace culture . the heritage of brainless imbecile jail birds and terrorists that have driven the wealthiest, most advanced country in africa to the gutter .

  2. Thank you Scott. So, so true. I agree with everything you say. Get rid of any colour-based prejudices. LOL!!!! He has been promoting blacks and taking from whites for too long now. Biggest hypocrite in history. Stop talking and start ACTING Ramaphosa!!!!!!!

  3. Did this ‘great’ man not offer 1/3rd of his salary right after he locked us up.
    Wow he says:- listen to your grandparents!! When and how? You forced us to be separated from our grandchildren by curfews and bans for 90days. After this fear was driven that the elderly are vulnerable, some parents refused us visitation. I will never forget how you drove families apart and still do.

  4. This man is delusional!! Using cultural differences to unite!! When the ANC practices a culture of discrimination amongst it’s own citizens!! and as to recall our past heritage well if I had grandchildren there would be a 27 year gap to tell them about the mess that has gone on in this country!! Nothing to hand down!!

  5. You need to understand that black people dont want equality, they want access to white people and white people’s civilization so that they can use it against white people.

    They use white people’s political technology (such as democracy) against white people.

    They use white people’s inventions (such as guns) against white people.

    They use our stuff against us to maim and abuse us.

    We need to get self respect and say no to this and take their little white people toys away from them.

  6. he was an underground loco driver at Grootvlei gold mine, my sister worked there around 1979/80,, he still participated in an illegal strike at the mine,, there are even photos of it on google, him in the forefront,

  7. Scott KEEP EXPOSING THIS TWO-FACED LIAR!!! The more people who wake up the better before it’s too late, which I fear it nearly is

  8. Yes every advance Western Civilization has ‘gifted’ the world has been used against us as the only thing most other civilizations have cintributed is more people…to leech off of our innovation and technology…

  9. Even the green revolution implemented by Western scientists has only given them more food to spawn the hungry masses they keep sprewing, all with their hands out looking to get more from every majority western country they can sneak into…

  10. South Africa is a microcosm of what the world will be in 20 years or so…small tax base of mostly European descendants and huge monolith of low achievers having to be supported by this European ever-shrinking tax base…

  11. That is what the function of the UN, WHO, Doctors w/o Borders and all of these other international groups is right now…just a method of siphoning off our resources into supporting various other loser civilizations.

  12. We probably would have had colonies in space by now if we didn’t have to carry these losers. Not that it would have benefitted humanity since they would have only begged and whined to follow us there and screwed that up too…just like they are always struggling to get into our countries right now even though supposedly we are the worse most racist people on the planet…

  13. I know it is late because I didn’t wish my fellow South Africans on loving life website I wished them on instagram

    But I will say it here happy heritage day

    Ek is baie trotse vir my suid afrikaanse indiër kultuur

    En my taal Engels en Afrikaans

    Ek is trots vir my moslem religion

    Groot erfenis dag vir julle


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