1. GodZille as a Party official is allowed to enter and inspect any voting station in the Republic… She was accused of canvassing inside the voting station boundary by the cANCer officials who saw her “talking” to people in the line

  2. This is actually a shock to me because

    I knew that in the national election

    They where rigging it

    But local municipality

    Wow 😮

    The ANC just doesn’t want to leave the government seat

    Mom I wonder why maybe

    Johan Rupert or worse George soros

  3. Ek is baie hoop dat my Suid Afrikaanse mense

    Ek baie hoop julle almal

    Sal stem en staan op

    Stem vir politieke party soos

    Afrika Christlike demokratiese party❤️💙❤️💙

    En Vryheidsfront plus 🧡💚🧡💚

  4. Hi all. Lost my Laptop….then my pc…then my phone…thank you ESKOM🤮Managed to get a old phone on loan. I miss the streams!!!! Will try to watch when I am able to. Stand strong family lots of love🥰God bless each and everyone of you. Xxxx

  5. Without a doubt there were serious stuff ups , partly designed to be like that , mostly likely just by the general incompetence . I am pretty certain that there was fraud too. In all fairness the video of the drunken black master of the universe that flattens a cardboard election cubicle stems from a previous election. I just don’t believe anymore that the state has the capacity to organise true and fair elections. South Africa is in such a deep hole that it would require normal , capable , non corrupt people perhaps 40 to 50 years to fix all the things that the criminal ANC has trashed . These type of people have left and are still leaving.


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