1. My friend from Gatton confirmed that this camp is being built. He knows a guy who works on the site.

  2. Nuremberg 2.0 Go to Rumble and search “Nuremberg codes”. Violations are punishable by the death penalty. Governments around the world are in deep kak.

  3. The videos and comments shine a light on the cesspool of dark forces manipulating fooled people into deadly poisonous jabs.
    My comment is that the fooled people need to discover or rediscover that they have a God given right to their own free will.
    Concentration camps are the tools of slavery and extermination.
    Before WW II in Germany people who had been classified as unworthy of living were shifted through a number of hospitals and medical facilities and then disappeared ( by extermination). This was done by Germans to their own people (also Germans). Around 400,000 died.
    Each human being is a sovereign being. He or she was created by God. God is watching. Those doing the work of the dark forces should cease and desist for they are furthering evil.
    Only fools and complete idiots will think that there will be no action from the Hosts of Heaven and God at the abuse and evil being perpetuated on his people in the false propaganda that the vaccinations are good and worthwhile.
    What utter rubbish the propaganda is. There are multiple ways of handling, but these are blocked by the media and governments because they know they are complicit in evil.
    Thank you again for bringing the mislabeled camps to the public light. People need to read, then go and look and draw your own conclusions – the truth will set you free.

  4. Loadshedding spikes graphite oxide is real! The masks are weakening the natural immune systems of people. The whole thing is being controlled by these tyrants. The quarantine concentration camps are the new death camps. Hospitals are the new gas chambers. Ventilators are killing machines! Look at what happened to fascists like Mussolini. These tyrants are the same!

  5. What if: the camps are there to process the vaccinated?
    Remember they now have nano technology in them with the 12 digit/alphabet code in them.
    Switch on your the bluetooth on your phone and you can pick the people around you who have been vaccinated against covid 19.


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