1. Just how far does this evil go….they want to develope drugs to kill off certain types of people. The greed is incredible

  2. this is the same of one’s information that gets sold when you go buy anything on contract ,your information is sold to third parties, thats how they then pone you trying to sell you something

  3. If certain people had not chosen to play mad scientist, there would be no covid in the first place. Hence, no new slogans, and no new avenues of feeding the insatiable greed and love of money at the expense of human lives. Folks of integrity and human decency are now coerced to get onto the mad hatter’s hamster wheel and become cannon fodder. Its astounding how accurate the word of God is in the statement that in the last days God will give them over to their lusts because they love the lie. Those who reject the Truth will love the lie and they will by all accounts be so blind that they will be unable to see the truth. What a terrifying state for them to be in. Its no wonder that what the lovers of Truth clearly see as logical, the haters of Truth can’t fathom it. Prophecy is leaping off the pages of scripture yet an unbelieving world is fulfilling those prophecies by doing and speaking exactly what they are today. May God have mercy on their souls because its not too late yet for anyone to come out of the darkness and into the light. The door is about to shut so we are sounding the alarm. God bless each and every fellow believer and follower of Jesus Christ who says of Himself; I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. No-one comes to the Father but by Me.

  4. Another conflict of interest, shes pushing pcr tests and its now revealed that her old mans in the dna harvesting business, somethings rotten in the state of Queensland, in fact the stench is getting worse each day.

  5. They want to be able to create an exchange where you can sell your personal genetic info to be used by AI. I put the link below, but you may need to sign up to get to the article. I’ll include the first few paragraphs of the article for those who can’t access it.


    “NEW YORK – IndyGeneUS AI said Wednesday that it has reached a deal to acquire EncrypGen, creator of a proprietary cryptocurrency and marketplace for the sale and exchange of deidentified genetic data. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close early next year, were not disclosed.

    Coral Springs, Florida-based EncrypGen said that more than 7,000 people are on its platform, where individuals can earn passive revenue from the sale of their personal genetic information to researchers. The acquisition gives IndyGeneUS AI a mechanism for compensating people who have their genomes processed by the company, which produces and applies artificial intelligence to genomic data”.

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