1. good god i hope hes not left money or bank accounts in oz. they will freeze that in no time. good luck

  2. This is where the sheep have allowed themselves to be herded into

    If Australians do not fight this off themselves, and put Comrade Dan and his criminal gang away.

    What they are doing seems clearly treasonous.

    Let’s see what Riccardo Bosi & associates can do about this.

  3. @ Jaguar:

    This is too terrifying for words and I have to announce on this platform that I’m going to have to close both my Facebook pages – Fiona Timms (author of “White Zulu”) as well as Fiona Ross, because they have been hacked by a Mr T K Molefe in Cape Town South Africa. He is posing as me and offering, under the guise of a Facebook Charity Scheme, large lump sums of cash if I pay £670 into his bank account. This time he was posing as my sister, Delia Ross Ferguson.

    Does anyone know how to close a Facebook page? I hardly ever use it anyway – just to message one person per week – so it’s virtually moribund. I’m not particularly good at technical stuff, but would appreciate some sort of advice as to how to shut down this wretched, crooked platform for good.

    All my very best to all of you,
    Fi (a.k.a. Feetjie) Timms😍

  4. The Australian Police sound more like the Gestapo or Russian Secret Service!

  5. People all over the world who can see the Wood for the Tree’s aren’t even putting up much of a fight.

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