1. @The Truth. With milk, the cream rises to to top. Take care of yourself – the scum are a disgrace.

  2. @The Truth. With milk, the cream rises to the top. Take care of yourself – the scum are a disgrace.

    It annoys me that I cannot edit my spelling mistakes.

    Please take care Scott!

  3. Wellcamp indeed, Hellcamp would be more accurate, no doubt they will have guillotines in readiness to sort out the unrepentant anti-vaxxers and the delusional idiots that actually believe in the bible. People like Palaszczuk are the monkeys and their organ grinder {satan} has them dancing to his tune and as God deals with him for his wickedness so also will the monkeys be dealt with, and just as they have shown no mercy the Lord will have none for them.

  4. They are all committing genocide against humanity. I cannot wait for the trials to take place. They are going against The South African Constitution, The

    International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights Treaty, The Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent, The Declaration Of Helsinki, The Findings Of The

    International Criminal Court Of The Hague, The Right Of Informed Consent As Protected By National And International Law, The Universal Declaration On

    Bioethics And Human Rights Article 6, The Code Of Federal Regulations Title 21, The Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

    I hope all the Bastards are charged under these regulations

  5. Sorry Scott , but your excuse under the Nurnberg code that “My body is my body and I will decide what goes into my body ” is NOT true or valid under these conditions . Imagine you are in Quattro in Angola and accused , do you think you will get away , as innocent as you are ? Well thats Australia . You have NO say in this matter . You are their prisoner and no legal body will go against it . So , If I were you I would do the same as MAX IGAN . Get the hell out of Australia before the end of this month . No one will be allowed to leave anymore after that . He left 4 days ago and is now in Acapulco Mexico. There are only 2 airlines left that fly out of Australia and that is Qatar airlines and Singapore. Go via Singapore to wherever you choose , but get the hell out of Australia, NOW, NOW , RIGHT NOW.

  6. @ Michael Lawson:
    @The Truth You can say with me. Rudi knows who I am. I don’t think things are going to get better there. I hope that I am proved to be a pessimist…

  7. If they can trace Scott, he may become one of the first inmates there!

  8. Michael Lawson, problem is Scott cannot get out of Australia without having the jab

  9. @ Cin Coy:
    I thought Annastacia Palaszczuk resigned her post because of her boyfriend who was a politician and does nor represent Queensland any more – in that case – your theory – is Crap and just shit stirring

  10. The whole world is held ransom by the evil Jewish mafia playing God with and their plandemic and great reset Hoax.
    We must recognize this fact and the Jewish people must confront their evil brothers

  11. It makes no sense to build a 1000 bed compound to house all those who are not vax’ed. How do they know only a 1000 residents in the area will not be vax’ed.

    Unless this is just a pilot site…

  12. This is what happens when you allow the “government” to disarm you, they get to ruin your life and make you a prisoner because of a flu virus…… Al Capone knew how to deal with gangsters and are notorious for saying ” You can get far with a kind word, but you get much further with a kind word AND a gun!”

  13. germany 1933 they had lock up camps for drug dealers and addicts, soon after the communists then the gays Jews then gypsies and Freemasons .where is Australia heading and who is behind the planning of this hell camp. does this camp have a planned grave yard or just big ovens

  14. @ Shalom7:
    Shalom7 wrote:

    Good on you Scott for exposing their dark underground activities.
    Yup, just read between the lines and you will be able to complete the dots.
    It just confirms their sinister, evil, underworldly satanic agenda.
    It also confirms that we are living in the last of the last days.
    They can harm my body but they CAN NEVER HARM MY SPIRIT!
    I am unvaccinated and I will live and die unvaccinated!!!
    I just have so much peace in my heart, because my Savior loves me with an Everlasting love!
    He hides me in the Shadow of His wings, where I am safe.
    Nothing can harm me!
    Come Lord Jesus Come!!!


  15. In “Ramaphoza’s family address” around 11 Feb 2021 ;
    He rambled on about many issues that need to be adressed in the country. The top of the list was naturally Covid 19 and lockdowns.
    I was dumbfounded when he mentioned The Green City in Lanseria and that was approved for construction in November 2020.
    I was flabbergasted to hear this considering the financial state of the country.
    Now i understand what it is.
    Like the so called “Wellness Camp” in Queensland it could be a Safe Zone for The Countries leaders, the army and strategic opperation centre when the phase kicks in when the vaxed and un-vaxed turn on each other, o the people turn on the goverment
    1.How there is an airport right next door to the camp.
    2. It is not in 5G range
    3.Its away from the public.(They can see you coming for miles)
    4.The Airport is there for a quick get away or for reinforcements to arive.
    5.Maybe even A.I. Bots making their debut.

    I don’t know if everyone is aware but Australia denied Climate Change (rightfully so) and did not sign the agenda 21 agreement. But in the last few years i imagine the key people were bought off, now this is where we are. This resulted in Australia getting a late start in building COVID 19 infrastructure.

    Another Green city in South Africa is around King Shaka Airport (Dube Trade Port) They also have Green house tunnels there.( odd place to be)

    Most of the looting and burning took place around there. I am almost possitive the aim was clear out the entire area around the airport.
    Therefore the goverment let it run along for so many days without getting involved.
    They did not count on the community of Phoenix standing fast and protecting their homes.
    This was definitely a spanner in the works.

    The second reason for the looting and necessary burning could be the biggest case of insurance fraud in South Africa. Companies like Makro could now claim fully for building and contents, as well as loss of income etc. and disinvest with all their money intact.

    All the above is pure speciation on my part.
    If anyone has any fact checked info that they can add it would be greatly appreciated. Until then distrust and speculation will keep us alive for longer.

  16. @ Marlena de Villiers:
    You are very wrong Marlena . You can still get out but you have to confirm a warning on computer at the airport that you might or will have difficulty coming back in due to quarantine and other expenses involved . That is only valid until the end of this month and then there is NO WAY OUT at all . Then I will have to sneek in and “kidnap” Scott and row him in my dingy all the way to Natal. lol.

  17. Please take care brother. Australia is worse than many of us first suspected. They will make it their mission to trace you down 🙁

  18. Hi,

    Wendy Hockeson has been blocked to ever comment again on this platform!

    If you want to spill filth, then you will be kicked to the curb!


    Rudi Geldenhuys

  19. Get out or fight like mad.
    That is why South Africans are fighting to keep our firearms.

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