1. Somebody asked me if I am going to get the “JAB”,
    I said to him: “Angaze”, and added, noways.

  2. Just funny everything is just funny and even Zondo laughs hahahaha yea its piss funny you fuck. just like killing white farmers its all funny you fucking joker why dont you go work for the circus you funny clown Ramapoepol

  3. Ramaphosa is the Worlds bigges liar and deceiver, He knows everything believe me, and is part of it all, he is just holding himself stupid and the corrupt Courts just take his words. I am afraid to say, that the judicial system is not what it was once, and this is no way to get to the truth. It is only God, who will sort this out at His second coming.

  4. How can a person be in the most highest posission in a Country as sitting president, earning millions of tax payers money, and not know whàt is going on, or intervene and step up and stop it all?
    What this then says to me is, Ramaphose is not competent to be a sitting citizen, never mind a sitting president.

  5. This is according to a report from Netwerk24, citing a document from intelligence officials detailing measures to address a new plan supposedly contrived by the same instigators behind the days of unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng last month.


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