1. Yes we have to get rid of the cANCer….but Dilema and the EFFies are a bigger danger

  2. We can only wonder, will Cyril “The Godfather” Ramaphosa’s handlers be able to keep his goose out of the oven this time? It would appear as time goes by, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to do so. But Cyril is their New World Order “golden boy” so it sure is a thorn in their sides, that is quite evident. No one in the ANC (or S.A. Politics) is groomed quite like “The Godfather”, and they have invested Billions into his capture. First they tried the Jacob Zuma tactic, which is deny everything and lie about everything tactic. That didn’t work, because there are just too many damning questions involved in this case. Then they try the ignore it for as long as it takes for it to go away tactic, with “No statement will be released” and “Let the law take it’s course” crap. But now that the fact that the S.A. police were sent on our tax Rands to Namibia, clearly shows we can never rely on investigations conducted by the S.A. police to run their course to begin with. Also still all those pesky damning questions still remain, much to their utter dismay. Next I think he will be stalling the law, again just like Jacob Zuma has done for years already. Jacob Zuma is still using this tactic to this very day. And how can we forget the fire everyone who can take you down tactic. But still those damning question won’t go away, gosh dangit!!! All classic ANC corruption playbook tactics. So how much money are the handlers going to throw at this one, we will have to wait and see. And if they can’t save “The Godfather’s” bacon, who will take his place? Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma? What a joke!!!

    Of course you have the DA and EFF on their little soap boxes. But we all know they are captured by the same handlers and funders. But the top spot is that “golden carrot” these equally corrupt buggers are after. Either way the handlers have their puppets in the top spot anyway. So maybe this time, Cyril’s goose just might not be worth saving. The ANC is going down like a lead balloon. So now you are going to watch all the rats jump ship as it starts to go down. It just might be time to break out that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving for this auspicious occasion.

  3. So So amazing the Criminal in Chief can point finger at the other master criminals. The true person is clearly identified when the most dishonest person in the Cabinet, points fingers at the other dishonest criminals in the parliament. NONE of the clowns can point a finger at the next, especially polony boy JUJU loudmouth.

  4. Ja dit is n groot prbleem wat oorkom moet word. Dit is te maklik om te steel sonder gereg, want dit is reg om te vat wat nie aan jou behoort nie, dit is wat die cANCer en eff vir sy lede wys elkedag!!!
    Wat ek sien is sodra jy trots is op iets dan word jy af gebreek jou taal kultuur dorpe en hulle name. dit word verander en verniel tot daar niks oor is nie alles moet soos n romol hoop lyk en ruik. Soos n vark hok wees. die regering wil nie in Gauteng wees nie wat dit is vuil stink en is op geneek, Pretoria Sunnyside, Johannesburg, Vereeniging Boksburg Kempton park. Almal eens een van die mees bekorlike pleke om te bly nou n hool.
    Maar dit is Okay pis op straat, gooi die rommel op die hoek uit en as dit te veel raak steek dit aan die brand dis ook reg. ‘n Volk sonder trots, is ‘n mens sonder gevoel, voel niks vir sy medemens nie net hom self, die goddjie in my self, en vie niemand anders nie, wat jy het wil ek he en sal dit uit jou kouie dooie hande vat.

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