1. God day again Scott.
    Thanks for your valuable input.
    I have been Banned on Media like FACEBOOK, YOUTuBE AND TWITTER for stating the truth and demanding to takeback our countryby force if required!
    KLind regards

  2. Scott, I do not Understand the Senetors of the USA, they have it in their power to revoke the indemnity clause of these Vaccinations, people or Organisations cannot just be given the right to murder who they want without fear of prosecution. According to Me, the Lives of the People being lost squarely rests on their shoulders, they are responsible for all of this.

  3. as ugly as it sounds but that the consequences when you allow yourself to be a guinea pig without having paperwork to say they will cover the costs,, why do you think they want indemnity

  4. Whoever thinks it’s okay to be a lab rat well what can you expect. And this push all around the world is evil. I’m not against vaccines but this is not a vaccine only called that because they are not liable for any damages.😞

  5. If it’s this bad now, what will it be like in three years time? I strongly suspect that the vaccine companies will remain indemnified while they achieve their goal which is to murder most of the human race. The devil protects its own, that is, until the arrival of Jesus Christ.

  6. @ Andrew Botha:

    The first time I saw you on here you made a statement of being secretary to De Klerk or something.
    If you would like a livestream, I could arrange it with Marlena?


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