1. Parents if you are going to kill your children by getting them vaccinated then why the hell did you give birth to them in the first place??????

  2. We must end all invasive tests. Some invasive tests have nano “trojan horses” that embed themselves and can remain dormant for years only to be remotely activated individually via AI (like “Terminator’s Skynet”). So if you are an “anti-vaxxer” but you have taken the invasive test then you are in “troubled waters”.

  3. Not more than a hundred years ago they would have hung these tyrants on the light poles for a message for future tyrants. Well I guess that generations of bravery have passed.

  4. The same forces that are behind the mandating of the jab are the ones organising the peaceful protests against the jab. People don’t realise the complexity of psychological warfare. If people really want to break out of this tyranny they will have to get violent. Remember our Father amongst many things, is a God of war.

  5. You got to ask yourself Why would HE even take the jab if he knows so much about the dangers? kind of hard to even believe Anybody would accept it knowing the dangers especially someone this Smart..what he is omitting harry carry/suicide?


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