1. There are many rumours about pedophilia taking place at buckingham palace…I wonder if Princess Diana was going to spill the beans and that is why they

    killed her

  2. Thanks for this video. Enca or Sabc, did they cover it? What a disgrace. They said he did not want to wear a mask after being told to do so by a police officer, like that will make a difference. Will a Muslim eat pork if a police officer tells him to eat it?

  3. I wonder if Andrew is also growing some DAGGA plants in the grounds of Buckingham Palace ? Perhaps the Khoi King is also a Rastafarian. The world has gone mad !!

  4. Scotty, you need some Brylcream and comb yourself a ducktail! … or put axel grease in your hair like the K4 schoolteacher did in my last Bosman story.

    Also, many thanks for putting up the piece on Prince Andrew which I sent you.😄


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