1. mck wrote:

    What would it take for afriforum funded by the UN to dispute the Biggest genocidal rollout humanity has Ever seen. They as a human rights politically driven bunch of lawyers are complicit in the Afrikaner/african genocide under the guise of the Afrikaner saviour. They belong to the UN and their puppet masters NWO..ons is nie blind of oningelig nie roets en kie..duidelik aanbid jul hul god, julle argitek

    What makes you so Anti-AfriForum?

    What have they done apart from fight in the Courts for Afrikaners and Minorities in South Africa? is it the fact that they have acquired representative status at the UN to put Afrikaners plight properly?

    Is it because they won the right back for Afrikaans as a medium of Education at Unisa?

    Or is it because they dared to sponsor and give bursaries to young Afrikaners to further their education? Or is it because they have just completed a Centre For Higher Learning for young Afrikaners in Centurion?

    Or is it because they have established GVE units (Gemeenskapsveiligheidseenhede) in all our towns so that we can look after our own Safety, because the Government and Police is no longer able to do so?

    Or is it perhaps because they want to find a solution for this country that is not far right or extreme?

    I’ll tell you what they have meant for my little town of Brakpan in recent times… according to Brig Jonck, the Station Commander of Brakpan SAPS this January was the lowest crime for a January in many, many years amongst others due to the positive contribution of AfriForum’s GVE Unit!!

    Which instances of negative consequences for Afrikaners can one name, done or purpetrated by AfriForum… I can’t name ONE!

    The only conclusion I can come to is that you have somehow been poisoned against AfriForum and are making assumptions about AfriForum or that you are speculating, or am I wrong?

    Do you belong to an organisation at cross-purposes with AfriForum?

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