1. lo how can you be compensated if you are already dead,, would like to know how,, or can it be given to your ancestors

  2. They are all committing genocide against humanity. I cannot wait for the trials to take place. They are going against The Constitution, The International

    Covenant On Civil And Political Rights Treaty, The Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent, The Declaration Of Helsinki, The Findings Of The International

    Criminal Court Of The Hague, The Right Of Informed Consent As Protected By National And International Law, The Universal Declaration On Bioethics And

    Human Rights Article 6, The Code Of Federal Regulations Title 21, The Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

    I hope all the Bastards are charged under these regulations

  3. From the Snake Oil company why get the jab for free when you can pay for it, Only for £1000 per jab and guaranteed not to work with the first jab so we offer as many jabs as you wish As a bonus for the first jab we take the first payment for free. Our company policy is take nothing for free.

  4. @ Jaguar:
    Dont think the Hague will take part as they in on the conspiracy cause they part of the Deep State,the Nuremberg type trials were started by a German-American from Germany and 100 other lawyers acting together.We have to take our world back from the elites in the deep state by whatever means and bring those who lied to book.

  5. “Gestapo” using bioweapons to kill “anti-vaxxers” apposing “666 jabs” and “666 passports”; Medical Tyrants (WHO also use bioweapons) are submitting fake reports that the “anti-vax activists” are dying of CøVID. I am breeding bacteria to attack any cell with specific mRNA spike proteins. The 1918 Spanish Flu was not a virus but a bacteria that caused blood clots in the vaccinated. I am sorry, but counter bioweapons are the only path to freedom (my body my choice); I never consented to 666 jabs, and never will.

  6. Scorcery..google it means Farmacukia..Farma Co. Drug Merchants…Revelations.

  7. Watch Pastor JD Farag’s prophecy update of 12 September on the vaccines: Go to jdfarag.org


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