1. I get SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS BS. Just break EVERYTHING DOWN. I used to be a PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN and now I hang my head in despair. there is nothing left untouched – Our water is filthy – the roads are a hazard – the Rand may as well just fall of a cliff. Literally nothing is left of this once beautiful land. So sad.

  2. SA was doomed when De Klerk handed the country to the ANC just as Rhodesia was in 1980, when i think of all the liberal lefties here in NZ judging what was happening in these countries, pre black govt, from the safety of their comfortable houses 12 thousand miles away,i get angry at their stupidity and arrogance.

  3. @ Shane Pengelly:
    I made a rant about exactly what you’re talking about on the forums page.


  4. I think the “B” fell off. It’s actually BOKSBURG OOS (Boksburg east).


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