1. Dankie Schalk, dat jy dit so duidelik maak vir ouers wat nie eers die moeite gedoen het om enige huiswerk te doen oor die inspuiting nie en hulself en hulle kinders laat inspuit. Mag sulke ouers eendag verantwoording doen oor hulle sonde van versuim!!

  2. yes its a big pity of these parents getting their babies vaccinated,, they so blinded by it

  3. i sent Scott a news24 piece on the exact opposite,, maybe he will make a video about it,, i think i sent it to Marlena also .a professor said schools are or can insist on when registering for a new child to produce the card saying which vaccine have thy been given,, ok he’s saying a school is not allowed to give a vaccine without parents consent, , but for a new kid wanting to go to school.. thy can refuse that child to register if not vaccinated,

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