1. This is a communist take over. The Wuhan lab leak theory is a divergence from simple truth –
    There is no virus. They have mastered their plan into making people believe in something there is not. Meanwhile, they are killing millions within the hospitals. Hospital staff does not even know what is going on. Why are people stupid?

  2. Isn’t the application of 5G also experimental still? Adverse affects of radiation on children (all humans and life) is also bad and shouldn’t the installation of 5G towers closer than 5km from schools also be treated as harming children especially and that it should be a criminal act to subject people to high frequency levels from these towers?. Technologists know this and so they knowingly radiate children when installing these towers on ‘open space’ next to schools. The school boards or principals are bribed or get a monthly payment. Even with parents’ consent, it is harming kids and parents protecting their children can sue the school body allowing such radiation. They put their kids in a microwave oven actually and making them sterile and affecting brain waves. We know now that 5G and GO and vaccines are working together as bioweapons and thus the vaccinated kids will now also get CLOGGING of blood when 5G close to them is turned higher. Who controls the frequencies?…the anc????

  3. Children are immune compromised

    It’s a bad idea to vaccinate them

    Dit is totaal onaanvaarbaar


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