1. In 2004, my father died, a broken man at the age of 95 in a retirement home in Howick, KZN. My 92-year-old Mum was left with all his debts, over R4 million of them, and mostly legal fees. My 3 sisters in SA had to scramble rapidly to fix this, and make sure that Mum had no ownership of even one cent, before the lawyers and creditors came after this frail old lady, still grieving over the loss of her beloved husband of over 65 years of marriage. My great grandfather, old W.G. Brown had pegged our 5,000-acre cattle ranch out on horseback and then ridden to the Lions River magistrate’s court to pay the Crown about 12 Guineas for it. That was in the late1880s. W.G. then gave the farm to my grandpa, Alan Ross, when he married my grandma, Molly Brown (W.G.’s only and beloved daughter) as a bridal dowry on their wedding day. So, our farm has remained in our family since then, over 120 years ago. It’s still there intact but has become a nature preserve as the Umgeni River (which flows into the ocean in Durban) rises on our farm. So sad. 😢

  2. Another mess in this country!! One cannot blame farmers!! and it will become worse with the new bill of confiscation of land without compensation!!

  3. @ Fiona Timms:
    Yes its sad and tragic whats happened to the white famers in SA and Rhodesia , but the liberal lefties in SA and in the old British Empire were determined to replace the effective white govts with the inevitably corrupt and incompetent black govts , to the cost of all the white farmers. I now realise how evil these lefty marxists are and now these are the people who seem to be pushing the jab in NZ and Aust and turning us into totalitarian societies.

  4. NWO plan is to feed us via a food pill maybe.
    Scott a share where is white flower farmer in Piketberg S.A. is demanding jabs for all his workers. Can you believe it!!!. He surely must have knowledge of iver or Hydrogen Peroxide Food or Trumps meds??

  5. I believe many farmers are aware that the future holds nothing for them and to put huge amounts of money into further development will be in vain. As such , things like expansion, maintenance , re-planting after removal of non-viable old fruit trees etc etc has been stopped . Now many small farmers are just waiting and holding on to see the final outcome. Many have left the profession, some have emigrated and many have sons who choose not to do such a dangerous profession.
    The ANC loves the idea of whats happening . It means more capitalism is dying out . It cares nothing for the starving masses and Im sure they celebrate every time another farmer is murdered or become insolvent. There are also very few buyers of farms now with full nationalization due anytime soon. Even foreign investors wont touch the agri business.
    So everyone should expect hunger real bad and start a veggie garden as soon as possible.

  6. My cousins farmed in umtali then Nigel tvl .2001 they left to Perth oz and are retired now. any country that chase out farmers that feed a nation are seriously deranged in the head . These commie parasites seem to think farms run on auto and the food just rolls out and the farmer gets rich sitting on his ass .but i think many countries like oz USA and Belize should be looking for destitute farmers who are willing to farm in new countries .you need a farmer 3 times a day to eat .many have gone to uruguay to farm easy residence permit


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