1. Yip and it is going south faster than an land slide, South Africa will kill it self as it is doing at this time.

  2. Dried beans are sometimes infested with weavels. Weavels can eat through some plastic packaging. If weavels get into rice or other grains (incl. flour) they can destroy the entire stockpile. 1. Monitor your storage facility 2. Weavels in grains can be killed by freezing, then remove physically or sifting.

    Rice is also often spoiled by fungal spores.

    The quality of water can also be improved with a solar-still. Something that can be assembled using items around the house, a pot and tubing etc. Chlorine tablets are also worthwhile keeping.

  3. @ James Evert:
    Yes I had a weavil problem…you must store everything in airtight containers….plastic bags are useless

  4. I understand 100% percent about prep, but in my honest opinion, there will not be enough time to escape out of your home so fast because within an hour they block any town’s in and out, anywhere you live in South Africa the squatter camps are right around all the cities and right along both sides of the roads. If you look at how quickly they looted KZN with such masses of them and then I see no easy way out.

    Last Year when there was a Taxi strike they blocked all the roads in less than an hour and everybody was stuck in the town. When they will decide to start looting at night time nobody will be ready to run.

  5. @ James Evert:
    A friend of mine found some discarded metal containers used for softdrink at a soda bar, with pressure valves on top. Because they contained liquid they could be sealed up tight. But he had an ingenious way to protect grain products.
    He went to a place where you could buy some blocks of dry-ice, which is frozen CO2. He would place a block of it in the bottom of his container, then fill it up with rice, or flour, etc. Then seal the container, leaving the pressure valve open.
    The dry-ice block would ‘melt’ turning into CO2. Now CO2 is heavier than air, so being at the bottom, as it evaporated, it would fill the container, pushing the oxygen and nitrogen up and out since the gasses in air would ‘float’ on top of the CO2. When there was no more gas escaping, he would close off the pressure valve, and the container, now full of CO2, was sealed.

    This has two real advantages. First, it will kill off anything that is alive in there, since nothing can live in 100% CO2. Second it stops, or at least slows down the process of decay, since the thing that usually causes decay is oxygen.

    Note: this works in non-specialized containers as well. Just put blocks of dry-ice in the bottom and leave the top off while the dry-ice melts. Put the top on lightly, leaving a crack for the air to escape as it is pushed out by the CO2. You can check with a cigarette lighter, because it will not light when there is no oxygen present. When you think it completely melted, put the lid down and seal it up. You’re good to go!

  6. @ Jakes:
    What you discuss is the classic problem, is one better off: Bugging-out, or Bugging-in? Those who are prepared to Bug-out are the: Suidlanders. Those who prefer to Bug-in are the: Boerelegion.

    You should take a long look at both, and decide just where you want to make a stand. Frankly, I would have a foot in both camps. The Boerelegion for when things are a bit dicey locally, but not yet terminal. But I would also be prepped, have the right vehicle, radios, weapons and attend the training so as to bug-out with the Suidlanders if the you-know-what hits the proverbial fan.

    The Suidlanders is a very large organization which has been planning and training for years (and there are other groups modeled after the Suidlanders which use Suidlander training and will work in harmony with them, if they are not for you). These groups will not move until absolutely necessary, but when they do they have it all prepared. There will be scouts radioing, exit routes, armed checkpoints, convoys away, rally points, safe areas, etc. In short, leaving may be hopeless for an unprepared individual, but a group, with training, equipment, scouts, radio intelligence, and numbers, with arms ready to take on the mob, will succeed. You will avoid the worst of it and the group can overwhelm those sporadic clusters when your convoy moves in concert with others using good intel.

    However, you must make the commitment, sign up, do your prep and spend a good amount of time training. Like anything in life, as you do it, the fear will gradually recede, since with the training and knowledge you will gain confidence in both your ability and the capability of those you are with. Remember the adage, the more you train in peace, the less you bleed in war.

  7. By the bye, if you do use Dry-Ice, be sure to use a long-sleeved jacket and GLOVES when handling it!! It is so cold it will stick to your skin… so: HANDLE WITH CARE!

  8. @ August Appel:
    @ August Appel:
    Storing up food is a great idea, but what about chronic meds


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