1. his name is g. Schwartz. he left Hungary for uk 1946 then on to usa . he is a germ from the depths of Satans toilet .like merkel who is half polish and a ex-communist ddr army officer born in west germany hamburg . do remember the east german state played a big role in training anc pac communist serial killers who now run s a .soros wants s a in chaos .

    All animals of the same species look nearly alike, because they are emanated from the same group-spirit, while among the 7-8 billion human beings who people the Earth no two looks exactly alike, not even twins when adolescent, because the stamp that is put upon each by the indwelling individual Ego makes the difference in appearance as well as in character.
    Man is an indwelling spirit, a Self-conscious Ego, or Soul, separate from all other entities, directing and working in one body from WITHIN, and plants and animals [not yet individualised and self-conscious] are directed from WITHOUT by Group-Spirits [one for each species] having jurisdiction over a number of animals or plants and their developing spirits.
    That all oxen thrive on grass, and all lions eats flesh, while “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is another illustration of the all-inclusive influence of the group-spirit as contrasted with the Ego which makes each human being require a different proportion of food from every other. Doctors note with perplexity the same peculiarity in administering medicine. Its acts differently upon different individuals, while the same medicine will produce identical effects on two animals of the same species, owing to the fact that animals all follow the dictates of the group-spirit and Cosmic law. Each man is a species on his own. Scientists only need to test one animal in a species for a certain drug or vaccine. Not so with Man. To make a vaccine for humanity, is impossible because every person on this planet must be tested first. It might work for you, but not for your wife or child or another race. This goes for any drug. [EB-TRCC]

  3. For those interested in the 4th Reich NWO agenda please watch a 1980’s movie called the Holcroft Covenant with Michael Caine. Note the list of 1,000 names across the world. Another movie is Moonraker. Kill humans but leave everything else. Then they force SA into signing a agreement with a terrorist attack in Spectre.
    How these “old” movies verify what is happening today. Oh yes it’s my conspiracy theory 🤣😂

  4. @jaco hunter:
    Schwartz sold his own mother and his people to the SS. He was only 14 or 15 years old. His face show the evil in him. Rotting from the inside out.

  5. I am appalled that this old dog is still alive. I wonder what they inject him with to keep him going because he is over 90 years old (born in 1930 if I recall correctly). The devil really looks after his own. He should be living out the rest of his life in GITMO with Gates and the rest of the other human abominations who back them.

  6. Hi everyone.

    Good news.Soros and Gates are old news.
    They are not with us anymore.

    The NWO plan was blocked.
    Whe are going into a new world not run by the NWO.
    REJOICE and be glad for the goodness of GOD

  7. Like yeast polluting unleavened bread.
    When the Festival of Unleavened bread were celebrated in Jerusalem in midspring, they removed the pagan altars and took away the insence altars and threw them into the Kidron Valley(outside the city, where all the garbage are thrown).
    14 Days later they slaughtered the Passover Lamb, shamed the priests and Levites and so purifying themselves, bringing burnt offerings to the Temple of the Lord.
    Sprinkling the sacrificial blood on the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies.
    Purifying the whole nation.
    Oh, how we need to erradicate the yeast of the evil one that the unrighteous want to spread througout the world. Satan has entered these two evil men, just like Judas Iscariot in Luke 22.
    Let us worship and serve the Passover Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world and bring our prayer incense before Him day and night, laying down our lifes for His plan and purposes. Living pure and holy lifes!
    May God lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil as we expect the return of the Passover Lamb, the Risen Christ, the Lion of Judah, the Messiah and soon coming King!


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