1. The number of arrests are mind gobbling, uncontrollable looting and only 400 odd arrests.

  2. These Ring leaders should be arrested and placed in incaseration for 70 years. Or pay for all the damage done.

  3. Ramaphosa has once again clearly shown that he is not worth a leaders backside.
    The Country has been destroyed under his watch.

  4. Ramaphosa is n lamsakkige jellievis, ” leier” Glo, hy is bang om op te tree teen hierdie ” gemors’ wat hulle mense noem, Ek glo Zuma gaan hom nog ontbloot as een van die staatskapers of ten minste dat hy bewus was van wat Zuma en sy gespuis mee besig was en is.

  5. Excellent to see crime infested squatter camps being touched, especially those along our major roads. Praying that innocent lives are spared.

    This should send out a clear message to all vigilantes.
    Burn our infrastructure, then we”ll torch your camps.
    He who wants to live a ” wild African lifestyle” must go back to the equator.

  6. Hierdie chaos is baaaie erger as Marikana en die President is te bang om die bevel te gee, hoekom? ….want dan is hy sy werk kwyt.
    Zuma en sy kaders het die ANC infiltreer met bybedoelings en die skade is onomkeerbaar.
    Dit!!! vriende, is ‘n rewolusie wat dreig.

  7. Not sure who the voice note is from? A clear panic mechanic. Remember the Toilet Paper hoarding at the start of covid hoax. Remember 1994 the same type of scaremongering and storing of food.

    Thank goodness we have some level headed well trained ex servicemen who are still prepared to defend themselves and their property. Idiots like Dudu will dudu very quickly as will mal emmer and his henchmen and fools like the traitor in chief Nkhonto Niehaus.

    This is opportunistic criminals looting. It has nothing to do with Zuma, that a smokescreen.

  8. what a doos mal emma the zimbo tramp thief talking his colonial master voice E nglish. whats he still doing in south africa has he not incited enough murders and defrauded the country. he should be locked up and deported after his wealth is taken. what a shower of dogs poo

  9. everyone is expecting puffy face gay face rama to send his own comrades to jail thy all are in it together, he is on this story, remember the story him saying of reviving the economy and more business must be in black people hands, isn’t that telling you something,,

  10. @ Rob Malan:
    of course he knew and participated in it all, don’t tell me he didn’t know of his comrades stealing tax money,,, he’s in on this story,,remember his speech about reviving the country and more companies must be in black peoples hands

  11. Nonsence this will never be a coup.

    How on earth will they convince Xhosa’s in Eastern Cape or coloureds in Western Cape to join Zulu’s? Even the other provinces i.e Limpopo etc etc.

    At best they could make KZN independent which means war. But that war will be contained within KZN. And it will be Zulu’s in KZN who will starve.The supplies they looted will last a few weeks at most.

    If it is a coup then it is the most stupidly planned coup I personally can think of.

  12. Guys this is so much bigger than what you are all seeing! Look away, far away, across the ocean to see what/where this is coming from…
    This is well planned and we are all falling for it. They cant wait to CRASH our country to move in and TAKE US OVER!!!! LOOK TO THE SPEECHES OF KLAUS SCHWAB AND HOW MUCH HE KEEPS HARPING ON US. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS IS THEIR MOTTO!


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