1. HEHE that is piss funny 5.6bn my goodness that’s almost enough to kill the whole worlds population!

  2. Knowing that she won’t know the difference between a billion and a million, the nwo controllers sold her a billion and she only gets a million, BUT the people of SA, black white purple and blue taxpayers, pay a fraudulent amount allowing the cuts to be enormous filling pockets all the way down the command line. If we are all going to be depopulated then what does it matter? (they think). They will have money for fake vaccines but not for housing and schooling of the poor. When we run out of food supplies she will say…….

  3. @ sirme williams:
    PLEASE NOTE …NOTHING IS FOR FREE…somewhere down the line there is a ‘tollgate’ where we must pay. Donations???? they can secretly trade it for farms…we won’t know would we????

  4. Why if a global pandemic can be enforced based on ?? facts…..that when facts emerge that the covid

  5. @ sirme williams:
    was never isolated and does not exist, that the pandemic situation is not adjusted to the new facts?? (sorry pushed wrong buttons)

  6. If the knowledge of the human genome was studied in detail and they were able to replace our mrna to change our dna, then it is very possible that they CAN BE RACE SPECIFIC to command our digital converted body to react against who we are and so to be depopulation SPECIFIC.

  7. Negative blood is watery in comparison with positive blood. Negative blood is associated with the alien gene transfer very long ago and those genes were related to space travel and high levels of radiation.
    Thus, now with five gee, people on earth with positive blood may be the first to get ‘clogged’ blood and die.
    Also ‘thicker’ blood may react badly with this 666 carbon GO injections and those will die first and the GO may connect more easily with positive blood.
    As the Russian has shown that all the vaccinated are now IN THE CLOUD data base with ALL THEIR DETAIL and thus it is easy for them to know blood types and race etc as to cast their vote if you are TO LIVE OR TO DIE.

  8. It must be an insult to be chosen by the nwo controllers to serve in key positions, because they know you can be puppetized to serve them and not your fellow countrymen, and you might lack the ability to see the bigger picture and consequences. You become part of the material money that bought you and that can easily lose value and become worthless to them.

  9. Sleepy Joe Biden, what a dick. SA’s thought aids will do the job. Well what can i say. Thanx Joe.

  10. @ Frank Campher:
    Perhaps you are paying for the whole of Africa to get it free? In UK we are 70 Million but we ordered 375 Million then giving it away to others who actually don’t want any (they don’t want to kill themselves or be sterilised!!) but we are forcing them anyway.

  11. @ sirme williams:
    Please watch the movie called Holcroft Covenant with Michael Caine. The 4th Reich NWO has 1,000 minions in countries around the world waiting to take over. Your man was told to come to G7 to be told by Melinda Gates what he must do to obey the NWO.

  12. Australian law now allows foreign forces to be on Australian soil to control their citizens. Already UN is in Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria near Melbourne.

  13. “We can’t be left behind as we vaccinate”. Translation: “We can’t be left behind in destroying our people with the vaccination”.

  14. If this is 5.6 billion, flying pink elephants does exist. Pathetic shame.

  15. @ JamesC:
    You wouldn’t be able to get 5.6 Billion Bottles on to a Boeing 747-400B in the first place.
    I think Scott is right by saying 5.6 Million.

  16. Hi Scott. While I really appreciate your channel en enjoy most of your videos I dare say I differ about your opinion about the vaccine. I’m definitely not a fan of Biden and the democrats. But I do believe that medical science has to believed in the case of the vaccine and I think refusing to take the vaccine is dangerous. I would encourage everyone to think carefully about it and I hope you make the right choice. But it’s still everyone’s own choice and I respect that. Be safe.

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