1. Give these folk the country and what happens ?, lots of crime, theft ,no jobs, poor sanitation and bad water, rubbish filled streets, no maintenence, definately not the Wakanda.advertised in 94.

  2. Coming with a toilet spray ( or whatever this was ) to a gunfight ! Unprepared , delusional ” defenders ” that were lucky that the robbers were rather docile. So many targets – such a lot of time !

  3. Welcome to reality . Why should anyone be surprised ? Its been an everyday event since 94 and like Ive mentioned before , I lost 13 friends and acquaintances in 9 years through murder. Including my elderly neighbours in Hermanus. Brutal , yes. Nothing has changed , its just getting worse. Prep , prep , prep.

  4. Here in NZ they just use stolen cars to ram raid the shops . No need to use guns. Well of course some still do like their guns. That White shopper was either very brave or very stupid. She could have turned the fly spray into a flame thrower if she had a bic cigarette lighter .


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