1. de beer you do realize in a normal country you would not be in any kind of politics but in a loony bin. you have supported anc serial killers and jailbird filth who played the victim to the world. well you see the result now in s a neil .your father should of put you in a private loony bin in Switzerland under another name long term . .by the time you were 21 .so neil where is this rainbow fart nation you use to drol on about years ago.

  2. @ jaco hunter:
    Rightly said, Jaco. I cannot handle the BS that comes out of his mouth.

  3. Succession is best if you can do it…2nd best option is a federal system; however, courts can slowly chip away at that forcing you into a more centralized model over time…Mostly using the claim of human rights for various groups saying all court decisions, no matter how nutty, must be applicable to all citizens; thus, overruling any attempt at Individual states rights…


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