1. it seems rsa is going in the direction of Uganda early 1970s .idi amin had all Indians and soon after all Europeans deported expelled in 90 days. they all lost their homes land money shops . their gold wedding rings pulled off their fingers at the airport when they had to leave i joke you not. many Ugandan Indians left live in south africa 1974 and lived a prosperous happy life. south africa has become a country best explained by mr trump in usa as a sh8t hole country sorry to say. only too glad we smelled the stink coming some years back and left. i advise all in s a if you have family or friends in other countries go there even on holiday find a job and cope with a new future.

  2. I have total respect for this Soweto journalist, because he lives in the real world ,not some delusional nonsense that many embrace in SA. While watching to SABCs land debates i discovered that many in SA dont have their feet on the ground, in one debate a white guy had the nerve to say that whites built SA, all the blacks rounded on him with outrage ,but what he said was actually the truth based on factual historical evidence, and thats when i knew debating these folk is pointless because you cannot debate people when they operate at a mainly emotional level.

  3. They want respect but how can you respect people who don’t have respect for other people stuff

    In my eyes those who burn and loot are just plain thugs nothing more that needs to rot in jail sharing the same cell as Zuma

  4. Brilliant analysis. But it ignores the cyclical nature of man:
    Strong men create good times
    Good times create weak men
    Weak men create bad times
    Bad times create strong men. (Stefan Arnio)

    This is South Africa’s “Bad Times,” arguably, our worst. (Communists / Socialists ALWAYS create bad times.) The weak men (snowflakes) have left a hell of a challenge for the strong men this time. These pitiful fools have destroyed a well functioning Roman/Dutch system and established a ruling matriarchy, as is the wont of male lesbian collaborators, based on a communist system which is going to be difficult to remedy.

    The Strong Men are rising. Quietly. With no fanfare. They have “jumped out of the pot” and are preparing. They are not waiting for Donald J Trump (or Q) to come save us. The strong men will be taking to the mattresses when this illegal regime tries to disarm them. Take heed Cyril. The Boers are coming: “hulle kom, hulle kom!


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