1. I say this with all due respect. ANYONE who calls on Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC to fix South Africa’s problems has been living under a rock for 28 years. After 28 years it is blatantly apparent, the ANC has no intention of changing or fixing anything. Do you really think Cyril cares what this chap has to say? I doubt it. Cyril’s handlers want South Africa to fail. This is happening all over the world, because the cabal want you to accept their ultimate solutions rather than starve to death. They want you to hate your government, so you will accept their one world government solution. They want uprising, they want choas, it’s part of their plan. Think about it. Since when is stopping farmers from growing food going to save the world? It’s absolutely ludicrous. It’s all about population control and Hegelian Dialectic tactics. Problem-Reaction-Solution, order out of chaos. South Africa is not exempt from this satanic master plan. The sooner you understand that these evil powers want you dead, the better. We must stop living in fairyland.

  2. @ Shane Rule:
    If the cabal wanted chaos for SA then handing over the country to the ANC was a masterstroke, the ANC were totally capable of doing that for SA.

  3. To have descendants of Kush in seats of power isn’t just asking for total failure but demanding it.
    God gave SA to the descendants of Judah who gave it to the heathen. God restores it back to them but not before they learn the crucial lesson that the descendants of Kush are there to be labourers and not leaders.

  4. The WEF and the nwo agents and terrorists, won’t allow this SUCCESS in 99% of countries (only in Switzerland the nwo base country) because the jesuit and related gangs, require that depopulation to 500 million must happen, and they need countries to self destruct via carefully placed key persons to destroy and so that genocide can happen successfully. In the remaining 500 million, they will appoint and administer the perfect control system. Ai may be their god and to get to that point they need to destroy what is working now. ANY PROPOSAL TO MAKE THINGS WORK AGAIN IS WISHFUL THINKING and the anc was used like clay in the hands of the multi named terrorist organization…(WEF, CIA, WHO, UN etc…) The wealth that SA had passed into the pockets of the anc cadre and they literally sold SA to the nwo and many were too blind to even see that, and those who knew are blissfully unaware they will be next on the genocide list, because they have proven to the nwo bosses they are useless and unqualified to serve the nwo elite gang.

  5. South Africa for Africans
    .all races..and anyone competent and able to lead must be elected by the people of South African..

  6. Mr Barnes does not understand the genetics of cognitive ability. I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH HIS HYPOTHESIS. The only way to survive is to SEPARATE THE INTELLIGENT MINORITIES FROM THE UNINTELLIGENT MAJORITY. This can occur legally by secession, while peace lasts or UDI when civil war breaks out, which is imminent. The unitary state and De Klerk’s “Rainbow Nation” ARE DEAD AS WE WARNED De Klerk years ago.
    The huge Gene Coefficient due to the cognitive difference CANNOT BE ERADICATED. Remember “White Privilege” is a mean IQ of 100 and Black Disadvantage is a mean IQ of 69. Go examine the academic studies on this matter.

  7. @ Forest Man:
    I have heard that theory before re the descendants of Kush, im not so sure, but one thing i am sure about is that when blacks take over nations there is almost invariably a downward slide, resulting in a tiny super rich elite and mass poverty and no infrastructure majntenance and very little service delivery.


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