1. Scott Michaelhouse was a very good place of education like many others for example King Edward VII, St. Johns, Parktown Boys, Waverley Girls, Johannesburg

    Girls etc. What worries me that most of them have become brainwashing instruments of the state

  2. Looking fwd. The clip was shared by someone, but now you will have a discussion with him. Wow nice

  3. Jaguar what about Grey College Bloemfontein,, they’ve produced more springbok rugby players than most schools and not to mention Protea cricket players, last i saw 85 Springbok have come from Grey college and thats before 1979.. how many after that is even more,, Bismark and Jannie du Plessis, the Steyns family have alone 3 members,Morne Steyn , just to mention some

  4. Rudi Geldenhuys wrote:

    How do you know somebody went to Michaelhouse??

    Simple, they WILL tell you that they did!!

    hehhehee,, and what about Grey Collge,, they never speak about it,

  5. @ Jaguar:
    what about the best school in SA —- Grey college Bloemfontein,, as far as i know have produced more springbok rugby and cricket players than other schools put together,, under Mr Volsteed it was best school,he allowed no nonsense,,

  6. @ sandra24:
    It was on the Forums on Lovinglifetv.com….there is lots of interesting stuff there


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