1. thats black people for you,, dont trust them ,keep them far from you,,,,, barbaric

  2. terrorist camp standards failed standard 2 . in and out of jail planting bombs killing good citizens daily that was the life of zuma and co. read some history..not long now the azania bantu will be crossing the Mexican usa border on foot swimming the river grand .like jakals after rsa just falls in to total chaos. rainbow nation was a total smoke screen for communist conmen to trick the world. they can pull anything through their ass and destroy it.

  3. Black majority rule came to SA in 94 thanks to a propaganda campaign that seemed to trigger all those white liberals overseas, and ok for a few years 94 to 99 it was tolerable because the whites were still running the judiciary etc, but the reality is that pretty much every aspect of life in SA is much worse now since the blacks have been in charge. Oh but i must be a racist for saying this? No its the just the truth.

  4. All the main stream media is owned and under control of the NWO Cabal, they are SATANIC!


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